Creating a Happy and Productive Work Environment

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  • Published : May 7, 2013
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Creating A Happy And Productive Work Environment

"Find a job you love and you'll never work a day in your life." Said Confucius. One of the ways to make employees love their work is to create a happy work environment. The book entitled Make It Happen: How to Get Ahead and be Happy at Work by A&C Black states that "Happiness is a powerful force in the working environment.

It helps to tap the energy, enthusiasm, and talent of the people in a business. Being contented at work improves motivation and physiological health, increases creativity and productivity and acts as a vehicle for delighting the customer to improve a company's bottom line." The responsibility of creating a joyful work environment lies both with the employers as well as the employees themselves. Here we will outline some of the strategies which can be used by the companies and their personnel which can create a positive and positive work environment. Help Employees to Achieve Performance:

Employment is a contract between two parties where one party works and performs on assigned jobs while the second pays for this performance. It is not a social but a business contract and the ultimate objective of such a contract is performance. Employees are the first people who feel contented when they achieve their goals which also make their bosses and companies happy. To achieve this end, employers need to take positive steps to gear employees towards meeting their key performance indices or goals. The employers' role would include orientation, training, coaching, mentoring, and counseling while the employees should meet them halfway by striving hard towards organizational targets which could result in both a happy employer and employee. Embrace Happiness:

Recently I conducted training on leadership for a Malaysian organization. I felt extremely glad to see that most of the employees right from the clerk to the CEO appeared cheerful. Through their positive interactions with me and one another...
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