Creating a Growing Culture of Environmental Awareness

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  • Published : December 14, 2012
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The fight towards saving the environment has been slow. On one side you have the extreme activists, which are willing to risk their lives to save the planet and on the other side, your regular people that haven’t realized the severity of our problem. But, is it fair to say that it could only be one or the other. There are people who through media awareness have realized that, our behavior and thinking needs to change. Even if, our major changes have been made by changing laws and regulations, it’s by changing personal behavior that these changes will remain for generations to come. Theirs is not only one type of problem or issue when it comes to saving the saving the environment. By giving people options other than extreme activism, we can all work together for the same cause. Creating a growing culture of environmental awareness for future generations, that will keep fighting for change.

Every day we have the option in many of our decisions we make. How, where, and what we shop is one of them. We are now aware that certain products have a negative effect on the environment. Not only while we used it, but what happens to the product once where done with it. Shopping and recycling are combined and can make a huge difference in saving our environment. Take for example, environmentally friendly products. One of many issues that arose through research is our high levels of pollution in our Lakes. One of the reasons this was happening was through washing your car in your own driveway. The chemicals from the soaps were being washed away into our sewer systems, causing an issue in the filtering process of the water being disposed back into the Lakes. We now have the option to help towards this issue, as well as many others affected with chemicals by purchasing environmentally friendly products. The containers containing certain chemicals were causing an issue as well, but we now have the option to dispose them properly through recycling. Without recycling in...
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