Creating States in India Good or Bad

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  • Published : December 19, 2010
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Good and bad sides of creating new states in India.

Recently, the centre had consented to creating the state of Telengana from Andhra Pradesh. There has been a very mixed response to the creation of the new state. There has been riots for the cause of Telengana and there has been counter-riots for a United Andhra Pradesh as it is now. The last time India created new states, it was in 2000 when the states of Chhatisgarh, Jharkhand and Uttarakhand were formed from Madhya Pradesh, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. Many states have been facing riots for the creation of smaller states from big states. This is because when states are big, their administration becomes tough and development does not reach the required places. Examples include the Vidarbha area from Maharashtra, Harit Pradesh, Bundelkhand from UP, Coorg from Karnataka, Gorkhaland from Assam etc.

The first problem while creating a new state is the facing of riots. There are always conflicts and extreme difference of opinions and a lot of fighting. This is a big problem Then comes the problem of creating the boundaries, making new legislature, elections, jurisdictions etc.

It is an extremely time and expertise consuming process. At the same time, you have to force the centre and state governments to provide you with autonomy. All this consumes a lot of tax money also.

After the formation of the state, the centre bears the duty to give it grants and funds. It also has the huge responsibility of promoting development in these states. It has to offer the state various subsidies, tax cuts, and other schemes in order to boost the state’s growth and bring it into ‘mainstream India’. Even after the formation of the state, there tends to be a state of unrest and insecurity within the state for which there is more diversion of resources.

The idea of new states also means dividing more and more people based on region. This affects the national integrity and unity. This factor is one of the greatest...
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