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Creating Secure Passwords

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Creating Secure Passwords

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Hello and welcome to the ABC Company.

My name is Marcus Johnson from the IT training and development department. Today I will be teaching the importance of creating a secure password as well as the rules to follow to help create the passwords.

Many of you have heard about important documents and customer information being found, stolen, and used. This can be both a nightmare for both the customers and the company, as leaking confidetial information can be a very serious and costly issue.

In order to prevent such a tragic issue, ABC Company has a firm password policy that must be used in order to protect both our customers and our business.

There are some simple rules to follow when creating passwords:

1. Never use default passwords such as "password", "Password1", or blank. 2. Don’t use your name, names of family members or pets.
3. For numbers, stay away from your birthday, year, month or day. In fact, don’t use any number that can easily be associated with you. 4. Use more than just letters, such as punctuation and numbers. (Some passwords are case-sensitive, so use both upper and lower case letters.) 5. Make sure that your password is a minimum of 6 characters in length

In addition to the general rules for creating a secure password, ABC Company requires all applications have secure passwords that are at least 10 characters long with one at least one capital letter and one number. Passwords will have to be updated and changed on a quarterly basis in order to ensure security measures are met.

Now that you have you have the rules, I will give you this time to try and practice creating passwords on you own that meet both the general and ABC Company guidelines.

The technologically advanced world we live in today requires us to use passwords in order to protect ourselves and confidential information from predators trying to obtain the information illegally. It is this very reason why it is important to make sure the passwords we...

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