Creating Our “Signature Experience”

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Creating our “signature Experience”

The Human Resource department is facing severe problems due to a lack of employee performance and engagement. I recently read a Harvard Business Review article about how creating a signature experience, the distinctive characteristics of a company´s work environment, allows for a company to have employee engagement (see Appendix A). The signature experience allows a company to attract the people with characteristics that fit the organization’s structure. In order to solve our company’s problems the human resources department needs to focus on creating our company’s signature experience and define the profile of target employees that the organization needs to attract. Steps to Develop a Signature Experience.

According to the article in order for our company to be able to create a successful signature experience we will have to follow a series of guiding principles that will help the company have a distinct employee experience. These steps are described below: •Target employees: We need to define the characteristics we seek in employees according to the needs of our company. Define which employees will fit into our organizations culture, environment, standards and workflow. If our company needs employees to perform tasks that require their attendance during a specific schedule and to perform individual work, we need to address our search to people that have characteristics that will fit into this requirement. •Address specific business needs: Identify if our company has specific needs that are critical for the performance of our business. • Preserve your history: We have to root our signature experience based on the history of our company. Determine the things that have distinguished and helped our company to growth through the years and make them the root and send a message of what the company is and needs. •Share your stories: Past experiences based on our company performance transmit a message of what our...
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