Creating False Memories

Topics: Psychology, Writing, Amnesia Pages: 1 (324 words) Published: October 18, 2010
Creating False Memories

the article writer Elizabeth F. Loftus wrote from her experience in creating false memory some fascinating experiments and some real life situations, like the woman who was convinced that she was raped by her father and forced to abort her fetus ,but when the doctors examined her they found out that she never been pregnant, and the other woman who thought she were abused by her family, and other examples. The scientific explanation was that the false memory created from an actual memory that get mixed up with the therapist's suggestions, and actually the therapist is not the only person who can apply false memory on someone, any person can create false memory on someone by giving suggestions about what was really happened ,specially childhood memories. In the article the writer wrote some experiments that she did with her students, they wrote two true memories and one false memory like being lost in a mall and asked the participants to write what happened in details. The interesting thing is that they actually think it really happened and wrote about it in details. From my personal experience I had some memory from my childhood that my brother or sisters told me that I had and I wasn't convinced about some of them at all, but after a while I can imagine the situations and think that they were true.

My opinion in this subject is that I think it's really horrible if we are not sure about our memories, some one can change our past and won't be sure about it, like the girl “Nadean Cool” , her father lost his job because of the false memory she had from the therapist, what if there is no proof that he is innocent ? What if his family left him?. What I really found it interesting is the false childhood memories because I have experienced that like I mentioned before.
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