Creating Change with My Home Owners Association

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  • Published : April 3, 2013
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Creating Change with my Home Owners Association
OMM 612: Managing in Social Change
Cheryl Franklyn-Boyce
Week # 4 Assignment
Dr. Barbara-Leigh Tonelli
March 9, 2013

Creating Change with my Home Owners Association
As a child I remember my mother constantly repeating these words to my older siblings “ you must welcome change as a rule and not let it rule you”, I had no idea what it meant back then, but it has become part of the way I deal with change daily; as change is inevitable. I live in a subdivision in Atlanta where I will like to make some kind of change so that our Home Owners Association (HOA) will achieve better participation. As I pretend to be a change agent, this paper will focus on the issue I will like to change, how I will go about making this change with limited resources and funds at my disposal, and the benefits of this change. Issue for Change

The Georgia Property Owners’ Association Act defines the legal parameters for homeowners associations, as requiring the associations to file with the state a declaration of covenants, restrictions and regulations the HOA requires every property owner with its boundaries to follow (eHow, 2013). Effective HOAs provide valuable protection for residents’ property while they ensure that all residents honor its covenants. Unfortunately, in my subdivision HOA is not mandatory as it was resident-initiated; created by the first ten homeowners. They had great intentions; but they lacked the required knowledge on HOA formation, leadership, and organizational skills. Today, our HOA has approximately 25% participation out of 175 homes. The funds received from the 25% HOA members barely address the upkeep of the grounds. As a change agent it would be my goal to achieve a better participate rate, hopefully of 75% participation rate. Strategy to Implement Change

As a change agent my role will be to lead, manage, plan and implement a...
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