Creating and Selling Welding Caps

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Sewing is a hobby of mine that has grown over the years. I have sewn several items, but welding caps seem to be the most profitable. Welding caps help protect welders and pipefitters from getting burned from the welding sparks. Making and distributing welding caps has three basic steps, choosing your audience, purchasing items needed and then distributing them. Choosing the perfect audience is crucial in starting the process for making welding caps. The question to ask yourself is, who will purchase more. By narrowing down the audience to general subjects; such as, children, cancer victims, welders and pipefitters will answer your question. Producing caps for children provides many options for purchasing material; however, I have found it is very difficult to sell children size welding caps. Cancer victims have a more broad audience, but they are more susceptible in purchasing scarves, wigs or doo-rags. Welders and pipefitters are the most dominant audience to sell welding caps to. Welders and pipefitters are in high demand for welding caps because they are constantly ruining them, and they can never have enough. The next step in creating welding caps is purchasing the material and items. Items needed to produce the welding caps are wax paper, writing utensils, sewing essentials, cotton and fabric. Set a spending budget for purchasing all the items needed. Starting off can get expensive, to save time and money shop online at discount internet stores. Stores include Ebay, Etsy or Craigslist. Shopping sales and clearance mark downs in department stores like Wall-Mart and Joann Fabrics will save money as well. When purchasing fabric, 100% cotton is crucial, other material can catch fire easily. Furthermore, consider holidays, seasons, masculine and feminine material when purchasing fabric. The final step in processing welding caps is to distribute them in a proper setting. Personal sales, internet sites and venders booths are the...
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