Creating an Ad Campaign for a Novel

Topics: Advertising, Promotion and marketing communications, Rhetoric Pages: 4 (840 words) Published: April 27, 2011
Embedded Assessment 2

Creating an Ad Campaign for a Novel

Your assignment is to create an advertising campaign for your independent reading novel. Your campaign must include three print media advertisements and one other advertisement (TV commercial, radio commercial, or author interview). Your target audience is your classmates. Your project will also include a written analysis of the persuasive techniques and advertising claims that you use and how they appeal to your target audience.

Prewriting 1. R eview the questions in activity 1.18 to develop a profile of your target audience. (Your answers will be turned in) 2. Brainstorm a list of features of your book that would appeal to this target audience, such as themes, relevance to their own lives, good dialogue, interesting characters, timely subject matter, etc. Drafting 3. Create rough drafts of your advertisements. Be sure to incorporate a variety of advertising techniques and rhetorical appeals in your ads. Revising 4. Once you have a draft of your ads, meet with another student to look at each other’s ads. Try to identify the audiences and appeals the other group is using, and provide feedback on how effective their ads are at this point. Consider the following three questions: • What information have the writers included about the book that appeals to me as a prospective reader? • What advertising techniques have they used to motivate me to buy the book? • How have they used rhetorical appeals to persuade me to read the book? 5. Listen as the other student provides similar feedback for your ads. Try to incorporate their comments and suggestions as well as any other ideas that come up. Examine your ads closely to see how effectively you are incorporating advertising elements to persuade others to read your book. Consult the Scoring Guide to guide your revision. Editing for Publication 6. Complete your final versions of your ads. Check to be sure the appearance, design, text, and...
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