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Music Concert Tickets Online

25th April 2012

Table of Contents
Task One3
Task Two4
Task Three5
Task Four8
Task Five9
Task Six12
Task Seven14

Task One

HK Ticketing:
Hong Kong Ticketing Limited is established by the Hong Kong Ticketing Alliance in November 2000. It can provide fast and efficient ticketing services online for local people or tourists who visited Hong Kong. It sells music concert tickets include Concerts & Stars performers, Musicals, Drama, Dance & Comedy, and Classical & Opera. Hong Kong Ticketing Limited adopt Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to keep the information of customers or credit card detail secure to ensure the customer can purchase with complete confidence online. is founded in 1995 and changes its name to in 2001. It make the organization controls their ticketing operations easily by providing a superior ticketing solution. also provides concert tickets include Comedy, Country, Jazz, Pop, Rock and World music etc. is a one- stop shop for concert tickets needs. It can save your time to buy ticket, also can provide the most updated information about concerts, it make buyer know more about the concert easily. Ticket web:

It is a company which leads self-service online ticketing and marketing, and it helps buyers to buy tickets online for fifteen years. It also adopts a one-stop live event marketing suite. Ticket web makes it easily for fans to find tickets by mail subscriber. Ticket web enhanced customized mobile apps for venues and promoters, it makes music fans discover, connect and purchase tickets on the go. Ticket web provides tickets of music, sport, arts and theaters.

Task Two

|Task |Details |Start from |Deadline | |Task One |Do research and Description |18/03/2012 |18/03/2012 | |Task Two |Plan and Make a schedule |10/03/2012 |10/03/2012 | |Task Three |Do research and choose three types of revenue models |22/03/2012 |24/03/2012 | |Task Four |Do research and draw a mind map |25/03/2012 |28/03/2012 | |Task Five |Do research and choose three types of payment systems |30/03/2012 |03/04/2012 | |Task Six |Find a real life example, identify the six requirements, |04/04/2012 |07/04/2012 | | |and do research | | | |Task Seven |Do research |09/04/2012 |12/04/2012 | |Other |Add first page, reference, and prove reading. |13/04/2012 |24/04/2012 |

Task Three

The revenue model of Music concert tickets online

Web catalogue Revenue Models
Web catalogue revenue model is developed base on a traditional catalog-based retail revenue model called mail- order or catalog model that is more than one hundred years old, it provide catalog to its customer through the internet instead of a mailing a physical copy to them. In web catalog revenue model, the seller will sell goods and services on the web sites which established a brand image that conveys quality, and uses the merit of that image to sell through catalogs mailed to prospective buyers. Customers can consume online or by telephone, it offers a flexible commerce to customers that they can make a payment...
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