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Creating customer value
According to Jobber (2010), customer value contains the perceived benefits and the perceived sacrifice. This report will describe the customer value created by the Premier Inn.

Perceived benefits
Product benefits-Premier Inn is providing consumer with a wide range of products such as comfy beds and clean rooms; well-equipped facilities; many kinds of meals which consist of Beefeater, Table Table, Brewers Fayre and Premier Inn restaurants. (Premier Inn, 2012a) on the other hand, touchbase business centers, which have over 100 meeting rooms with catering facilities and over a dozen fully fitted, all over the UK and Ireland. (Premier Inn, 2012b)

Family breaks and seaside breaks. Family room can provides kids under 16 stay is free and they also can eat breakfast for free too when one adult orders a delicious Premier breakfast. (Premier Inn, 2012c) Premier Inn has opened many their hotels around the British coastline where you can get great-value breaks at all of them. (Premier Inn, 2012d)

Service benefits
Online channels contributed 52.3 percent of major hotel brand bookings in 2010 (TravelClick, 2011)
Customer Satisfaction in the Hotel Industry
Meaning and Measurement
* Jonathan D. Barsky1
University of San Francisco

Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Research February 1992 vol. 16 no. 1 51-73

Premier Inn has an online book with the secure online payment system making customers who check in hotel simple and convenient. (Premier Inn, 2012a)

Additionally, Premier Inn can meet different customer need. SleepParkFly service provides parking and gives you a good night’s sleep guarantee and then you will start refreshed and raring to go. (Premier Inn, 2012e)

Relational benefits

Findings from two studies indicate that consumer relational benefits can be categorized into three distinct benefit types: confidence, social, and special treatment benefits....
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