Crazy Thing

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Wayne Hood
William Barr
21 January 2013
ENGL 152-14
Crazy Thing 2
Crazy Thing 2
When I almost ran my grandfather over at his house it affected my life by making me more aware of my vehicle.
The incident changed me because once I realized what was happening I realized wasn’t in control of my vehicle anymore and couldn’t stop what happened or could have happened. I know that once a person loses control bad things can happen. What could have happened terrified me; the first thing that went thru my mind is ‘I could have just killed my grandfather,’ what would I do if that happened? I knew deep down I would blame myself, even if it were an accident, and that if I didn’t start checking everything more thoroughly and know of any problem when it came to my car another incident similar or worse could happen whether it was at my grandfather house or while I was driving and that made me worry.

After it happened I started to check my car every day, I check from the fluids in the car all the way to tire pressure. While I am driving, besides doing the checking of all the gauges while I drive I will listen to my car and see if I notice any sounds I didn’t here before. If I see or hear anything out of place I instantly park the vehicle until I can find the problem and fix it myself or I can get it into a mechanic to fix it for me.

This incident changed how I drive also. I do not go nearly as fast as I used to when driving. If I do not go the speed limit I am reminded of it and think ‘If that were to happen to right now I would be killed’ so I am a little extra cautious when driving. I do this so I do not suddenly get surprised if something was to happen and I panicked and lost control of the situation.
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