Crazy Jane Talks with Bishop

Topics: Religion, Sociology, Christianity Pages: 2 (579 words) Published: April 28, 2013
sexual orientation, background, etc. That’s why I find it so ridiculous and ironic that most of the people, who love to judge other people, condemn other people (for several reasons) are the frontrunners of their religion (i.e. priests, bishops, and various religious leaders) in history and in current society. Therefore, they don’t practice what they preach. Going back to the context of the poem, a bishop basically criticizes the female character because of her “vulgar” choice of clothing but in return Jane responded the foul words in a defensive way, more like sending the bishop a message that just because she wears that kind of clothing it doesn’t automatically means that she is a bad person. But to be honest, I refuse to believe and accept this old age thinking. May be because I was born in modern society, free from any religious influence (I’m a freethinker by the way), and most important of all; I practice open-mindedness and I abhor bigotry. That man and women have the privilege to wear whatever they desire. After all, how we dress is a kind of self-expression, unique from one another. If a person you see on the street is wearing something that is offensive for your values, then don’t look (unless he/she intentionally does that to insult you but that is already another case and I highly doubt that since you a re just passing through), that is already none of your business. I also felt a strong sense of feminism in Jane’s way of responding to the criticisms thrown at her by the bishop since at that period; I believe that society sees women as less of importance compared to men therefore they are sensitive to mockery and abuse. Jane’s character for me symbolizes the start of resistance of women to patriarchy in the old age society thus forwarding the notion that women won’t accept your strict and shallow concept of a woman any longer. Which leads me to my conclusion how religion played a huge part in shaping our values, sometimes culture on how we view...
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