Crazy Horse Electric Game

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  • Published : November 10, 2008
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The Crazy Horse Electric Game is about a boy named Willie Weaver. Willie has everything going for him. A beautiful girlfriend, he’s the star baseball pitcher and is also respected by his peers. Willie pitches the greatest game of his life at The Crazy Horse Electric game. Days later, the Weaver family, his girlfriend and best friend all go waterskiing. On the last run of the day, Willie crashes and hits his head on the ski. After the accident, Willie can barely talk or move. Things just get worse. His parents’ marriage is falling apart because his dad can not deal with Willie’s disability. Willie decides to run away. He leaves for Oakland. Right off the bus, Willie is jumped by a gang of Chinese boys. They steal everything from him except for a cane his friends made for him. Luckily the bus driver comes back and saves him. Lacey is a big black man. He is a pimp and allows Willie to stay with him. Willie ends up going to school for different kids. There he fits in and regains control of his body and speech. Later on he goes back to his home town and finds out that his parents divorced and that no one really likes him anymore. Even though he is offered a place to live there, he decides to go back because he feels a strong bond between Lacey and the friends he made down there.

The author uses a lot of drama in this book. It is very sad what happens to Willie. It made you wonder what was going to happen to Willie next. The Crazy Horse Electric Game is not a difficult read.

I loved this book. Out of all the books that I have read of Chris Crutcher, this one is definitely my favorite. The reason I liked it so much is because it’s realistic and moving. It shows how even though things can get tough and almost seem impossible, with dedication and support you can pull through. I recommend this book to anyone.
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