Crazy Horse Dreams by Sherman Alexie

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Crazy Horse Dreams

Victor stands next to a fried bread stand watching other Indians eating. After eating he was ready to leave Blackfoot. The waitress said," They don't pay you any mind becasue your hair is to short." She was wearing clothes made in Spokane, what reminded him of an Indian grandmother that made them. That also reminded him of the bank teller asked him if her shirt was Authentic.

While he was walking he saw Willie Boyd holding bone trying to make gas money for his trip to the powwow. Victor found a five dollar bill in his pocket and gave it to Willie. Willie had a RV with a fridge, tv and a sunroof. After the old lady dug for a colored bone Victor Said," Let it ride all night, Willie I ain't going nowhere." It was the first night of the powwow.

As Victor was leaving the lady for the restraunt said " You must be a rich man." Victor and her spoke about things for a while. He told her where he was from; Wellpinit, Spokane. They talked about there Basketball team and the river. Later she took Victor back to her Winnebago. Victor got a little scared. She later told him he wasn't her Crazy Horse she had been looking for.

Later that night they got into an argument. Victor grabbed her wrist tight. He asked her a few questions. Then Victor was about to leave; After he put his clothes and boots on then grabbed a beer out of the fridge. He said, "Your Nothing." Standing outside in the dark he kept watching the Winnebago's lights go on and off. He thought to him self he wished he was Crazy Hourse.

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