Craze of Cricket

Topics: Cricket, Cricket World Cup, Game Pages: 2 (544 words) Published: February 11, 2013
Cricket-crazy Indians accept heroes in the field as their role models. They spend hours in front of TV to relish cricket match and taste bat and ball on wayside or here and there, wherever possible. Though, there have been many controversies yet the popularity of cricket has remained intact. Cricket matches are still something like grand feasts to eyes and mind. We cannot separate ourselves from cricket.

Sports were earlier linked to good health because love for a game clearly means playing that game. Now in the changed scenario, sports are associated with glamour and commercial Prospects attached with them. Cricket is undoubtedly the most popular game in India. Extravaganzas created by this sport overshadow other sports in India. Hockey is the national game of India but it occupies a lower position on the popularity scale, whereas cricket is at the zenith.

An impartial study of the popularity of cricket reveals many exciting facts. People try to associate themselves with the games and sports which bring accolade for India. As far as cricket is concerned, it has been able to bring many laurels for our country. When India won Cricket World Cup in 1983, every Indian became familiar with Kapil Dev (who was the captain of Indian Cricket Team in 1983). Who does not know Gavasakar and Tendulkar? But Hockey legends are not on the lips of masses despite their charismatic endeavors for raising the head of nation high. This is the brief picture of attraction for cricket.

In the age of commercialization and stiff competition, promoters look everything from the business point of view. What is more, sports heroes who are role models for millions of young people advertise the products of their promoter companies. Companies put their stakes only with those games which have roaring popularity. The government is not an exception to this trend. It also promotes the sports which have remarkable hold in public. In a democracy like ours the government tries its best to...
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