Crash - Scene Analysis

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  • Published : June 11, 2012
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The issue that discussed in the movie is about the racist problem The scenes that highlights these issues :
During the night , two black man(Anthony and Peter) walk out from coffee shop and they discuss about the bad attitude of the waitress that who is black women and one of the black man was keep influencing another black man that in nowadays society , the BLACK and WHITE was in different classes and standard , the BLACK will get eject by the WHITE . At the moment , one pair of the WHITE couple (Jean and Rick) walk infront of the Anthony and Peter and walk away , Anthony thought this is a racial discrimination .

Jean is find Rick for tell him , she need their house lock change it again tomorrow because she feel insecure and she can’t believe the locksmith which is a BLACK man (Daniel ) .

The police ( Ryan ) who was the racist which mention at the middle of the movie and at the beginning , he groped as he was make a body search to a BLACK woman ( Christine ) which had drunk and keep taunts him .

In this movie , mentioning that all people who might be able have a gun to protect themselves and that might be a power for them to attack other person . The two black man , Anthony and Peter was owned a guns and they use it as their advantages to robbed people . Other than that , one of the scene show that when the locksmith , Daniel back to his home , and talk to his 5 years old daughter which hiding under her bed . She still afraid of the bullets from the bad neighborhood they recently moved away from . This show that they have lived at a bad environment place which is all of them have their own gun and have racist problem and stereotypical that’s why all of them use gun to attack people but didn’t get caught by police .

The racial stereotypes which highlighted in the movie was at the beginning of the movie , two women which one of the one is Mexican and Asian women blame each other for the mishap and make racial jibes at...
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