Crash Movie Video Reflection

Topics: Race and Ethnicity, Racism, African American Pages: 4 (1160 words) Published: December 13, 2011
Crash Video Reflection

Artifact: Crash. Dir. Paul Haggis. Lionsgate, 2004. DVD.

Describe:The 2004 film, Crash, tells a series of stories between seemingly unrelated characters of different races. The story begins with a car crash between Detective Graham Waters (Don Cheadle), along with his Hispanic partner, and an Asian woman who begins to shout racist insults at her after the “crash.” Detective Waters goes to the nearby crime scene to notice a shoe on the ground and soon after all that is revealed is the shocked and upsetting face that overtakes him. As the story progresses we begin to see different acts of random racism such as a Persian man buying a gun to protect his store and the racist speaking gun salesman, two young African Americans are looked at with racial fear by a Caucasian woman (Sandra Bullock) who is soon robbed by the young black men, and finally we see an unbelievable racial profiling act by police officer John Ryan (Matt Dillon) against a black couple. The couple are driving a car that matches the description of the stolen car shown one scene earlier, but the license plate, nor the description of the couple match the stolen vehicle’s perpetrators. We soon find out they were pulled over for merely being black.

After a few short scenes that slowly begin tying the characters to one another we meet Hispanic locksmith Daniel Ruiz (Michael Peña), who is changing the locks at the earlier noted Caucasian woman’s house, after noticing that her locksmith is of Mexican decent, she goes on enraged racial rant and demands the Godwin 2

locks be changed again simply because of his race. Later in the story we see Daniel again as he is changing the locks of the fore mentioned Persian store owner’s establishment. He proceeds to inform the Persian that he replaced the lock but the door is broken and needs to be fixed, due to a language barrier the store owner is outraged as he misunderstands Daniel’s explanation. After more short...
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