Crash Movie Review

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  • Published : September 23, 2008
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For this semester, my classmates and I were assigned to watch the movie Crash. This movie was held on Saturday, the 20th of September 2008 and lasted for 2 hours, from 9 am till 11am. A day before I watched the movie, I looked up on the internet to find out who were the main protagonists of the movie and was surprised to find out that one of my all time favourite actresses, Sandra Bullock who plays the role as a district attorney’s wife, was one of the many actors in the movie. ‘Crash’, which was filmed in L.A, revolved around the issue of race and discrimination, which also happen to be the themes of the movie. I will now elucidate the plot of the movie, the characters involved, and how they are somehow indirectly linked to each other. The movie started of with a car accident between a Chinese lady, Kim Lee and Ria , a Hispanic lady, who is the partner and girlfriend of Graham, an African-American police detective. The scene then shifts to Graham who discovers the dead body of someone whose identity was yet to be determined. It was at that particular moment, whereby the movie showed the events that took place the day before the discovery of the body. First of all, Dorri, a Persian lady in her mid twenties, had purchased a gun at a shop along with blank bullets. She did not know that the bullets were fake but was rather in a hurry get her hands on the gun. Her father, who is a store owner, had asked her to do so in order to protect his store from assailants. One evening, Rick Cabot, a district attorney and his wife Jean Cabot were taking a stroll along the streets and were about to get into their SUV, but were carjacked by two African-American men, Anothony and Peter. Jean Cabot has an immense hatred towards people of colour and her hatred intensifies especially after being carjacked. Jean has an elderly Hispanic maid, name Carol and is rather rude to her, but after one incident where she falls down the stairs, despite the way she had treated Carol in the...
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