Crash: Internet Movie Database and Story Lines

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  • Published : March 30, 2012
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Sonya Martinez
University of Phoenix
HUM/150 - Introduction to Film Studies
Michelle Sanson
July 5, 2011
The movie “Crash” is a powerful and complex movie that involves the lives of six families in today’s modern day dilemmas of racism, discrimination, drug abuse, and criminal actions and how they deal with it. The plot of this movie (for myself) is unclear. This movie has many scenes with different interactions with the characters and one must pay extra close attention to every scene to understand and follow along. This movie is all over the place, and it is not until close to the end that we can see how the characters have affected one other for better or worst. In this movie we have several different mise-en-scene. Most take place in the moment or as a flashback. In the opening scene we are outdoors at night in a car with what appears to be snow or rain coming down. The inside of the window is foggy; outside the car an accident has just taken place with flashing lights, police, and people all around. We also have bright daylight scenes, like when the police begin a car chase with what they believe to be a car-jacking suspect. We have several scenes in a police station, a mom and pop store, in a drug addict’s home and in Detective Waters bedroom. The entire movie involves dead, terrified, angry people who do not know what or how to feel. In the movie there is plenty of genuine emotions in the scenes, and this give the movie cause however; because of the intertwined storylines, it is not a continuous flow it makes the movie difficult to follow. The editing in this movie was well done however; we do not see how well it is until we see the ending results. In the beginning of the movie, we have an accident and after a brief delay into this accident it flashbacks 24 hours earlier. Here we start to see how the characters lives interact and how the multiple interactions affect each of their lives. Because of the...
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