Crash Essay (the Movie)

Topics: Critical thinking, Racism, Thought Pages: 3 (921 words) Published: November 2, 2012
Steve Irwin
Critical Thinking
Mrs. Clemes

Crash and Burn

Crash the movie illustrates many examples of ignorance, bias views, discrimination, racism and assumptions. This movie is centered on the above ideas. During the movie every character at some point is guilty of bias views, discrimination, or assumptions. This is due to the different ethnicities and backgrounds of the characters. Towards the end of the movies all the characters begin to realize that some of their voiced beliefs and actions may be wrong. Throughout the movie we will see the full spectrum of critical thinking.

This scene starts out with LAPD officers John Ryan and his partner Tom Hanson going out on their evening patrol. Earlier in the movie a Lincoln Navigator is carjacked by two African Americans. While on patrol the officers pull over a Lincoln Navigator even though the license plate number and description of the vehicle don’t match. The officers then continue to pull a couple from the car named Cameron and Christine Thayer. The Cameron is cooperative but the Christine is a bit argumentative. This seems to bother Officer Ryan. Officer Ryan then goes on to pat down and sexually molest Christine. Afterwards the couple is let go without a ticket. This scene represents a number of different egocentric tendencies. The first egocentric tendency shown would be egocentric hypocrisy. This involves the officers at hand because they ignored their beliefs and standards that they were held to and did exactly the opposite. As officers of the law they took an oath to protect the people. Officer Ryan is racist and biased towards African Americans, which is against his beliefs as a police officer. In conclusion of this egocentric tendency, the officers ignored his oath pulled over innocent citizens and molested one of them. The second egocentric tendency shown is egocentric blindness. This is shown when the officers decided to disregard obvious information, which contradicted their...
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