Crash Essay

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  • Published : May 12, 2011
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I thought this movie was powerful and very well put together. It was nice seeing that all the characters ended up in the same bubble. It was a little intense but I enjoyed watching it because it is happening now. It really makes you think. This film was made to show how our society as a whole is working. You can tell that it made some people uncomfortable. Maybe because what was happening in the movie could be evoked memories of there own. Or it’s showing their own behavior or of someone close to them. As a society, we need to fix the way we think sometimes. We need to understand every culture, race, etc. is different. Dealing and understanding what is around us, shows you are the bigger person. If we don’t deal with this stuff, we end up repeating it and that creates cross-cultural conflicts.

Watching this felt very intense but I couldn’t keep my eyes off it. Throughout the film, it had a true vision that most films don’t have. The acting makes this one movie stand out in a heavy way because the characters come across in a real way. The people are living in their everyday lives with real jobs, fears, and hard times. Every character has a story that at the end shows how their lives crash together in a way that you can’t explain. What they wore showed who they were as a person. It helped you see where each character came from and how they acted. The environments and settings were different in each scene according to what character it was filming. I enjoyed that because it didn’t put you to sleep. Having the setting change often made it very hard to keep my eyes away. There was also a lot of gun action and shooting that you heard and seen. It made the movie kind of scary in some scenes but its everyday life. We might not see it happening but you hear it on the news 24/7. Everyone had their own goal that they were motivated to reach. No one stopped for anyone it was mostly all about the individual. This film had many different experiences. It went from...
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