Crash Critical Analysis: Racial Identity, Relations, Segregation, and Prejudice

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  • Published : September 10, 2012
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fFilm Review
Watch the film Crash critically. Write a 3 - 4 page analysis on how this film relates to the book by Beverly Tatum in regards to racial identity, race relations, prejudice, and racial segregation. Include the issues discussed in class and of the different racial identity stages Tatum writes about.

This film begins with a series of unrelated incidents that all seem to involve race in one way or another. All of the different prejudices that encompass these incidents guide us through the movie that takes us through a week in Los Angeles. The film opens up with a car crash between two female drivers, one Asian and one White. While the police officer tries to assess the damage, he asks the White woman to stay in her car while he tries to figure out how the accident happened. What ends up happening is that the White woman and the Asian woman confront each other verbally using some very nasty racial slurs while blaming each other for the accident. The white woman goes as far as to tell the officer that she wants it on record that the other driver was Asian. I According to Tatum, the white woman is still in first stage of white racial identity, she seems to portray herself as a woman of privilege. I think that she thought that the officer was not going to do anything to her for defying him and getting out of the car. She was also very demanding, making me think that she felt she had certain “rights” that needed to be accorded to her. At the same time there are two scenes involving an Iraqi father and daughter and a Latino father and daughter. Both of these scenes involved fathers that were being discriminated against because of their race. One man (the Iraqi) was stereotyped and judged for trying to buy a gun with ammunition, during the purchase, this man speaks to his daughter so that she can translate and talk to him about the decision, while they are speaking to each other, the gun-store owner begins accusing the Iraqi man of being a...
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