Crash Analysis

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  • Published : April 18, 2012
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Madison Mitchell
English 401-14
October 19, 2008

This movie was very captivating and it made you think of the impacts people have on each other. In every scene of this movie, one person always leads to another character, whether it be a Chinese man being ran over by the inner city car thief, or the rich wife of Rick Cabot being “unhappy” all the time against other races than her own. This movie sets examples for others not to follow, basically concentrating on the different stereotypes and how people focus on them as an explanation for who the person is. One of the things I found interesting was how in the beginning of the movie, when Officer John Ryan pulled over the black couple because he thought that they were up to something, which indeed they were. He violated Christine Thayer in front of her husband, which took away the Thayer’s trust in police officers. In the ending scenes, Cameron Thayer was pulled over for having the same type of car stolen by the car thief, and talking back to the officers. He wasn’t afraid of them any more and lost all respect because of what Officer Ryan did to his wife. The younger officer, Tom Hansen, soon realized who Cameron Thayer was and knew why he was acting the way he was to the other police officers, and let him off with a warning. Officer Hansen knew what Officer Ryan did was wrong and that Cameron Thayer didn’t deserve being treated that was just because he was a successful black man, and Ryan was an unsuccessful white man. Also, when Officer Ryan molested Christine Thayer, she lost all trust in him and looked upon him as a racist. She was later in a car accident, about to die and Officer Ryan was the one she had to trust to get her out of the car. This shows that how people act towards one another could change the way that the person looks upon all other people of the same background. Another part of the movie that I found interesting was the scene at the end where Anthony, the inner city car theft,...
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