Crash Analysis

Topics: Race and Ethnicity, White people, Racism Pages: 4 (1485 words) Published: February 10, 2013
Racial Motives
Crash exposes viewers to clashes between social and cultural differences. This clash of differences is what sets Crash into motion. The movie Crash seems to aim for a realistic every day exposure of racial interactions. Crash focuses mainly on the racial interactions between two or more characters. These interaction are usually driven by some racial stereotype or prejudice. What makes Crash unique is that you get to see from both race perspectives on how these interactions come to be. Examining their actions and words, the characters in Crash often show a level of racism directed towards other actions . The motives behind these actions that potray a level of racism is not completely known. These actions and words generate the underlying question of what level of racism display must the character show to be perceived as a racist. It is up to the viewer to determine whether a character is naturally racist or does the character become a racist as a response to racial event in their environment. To help facilitate a discussion around this question I would like to turn to the essay The Heart of Racism by J.L.A Garcia. This paper aims to perform a character analysis on Anthony and Jean from the movie Crash with the words of J.L.A Garcia in mind. To limit the discussion of this paper, I will only focus of what Garcia perceived view of what is a as racist instead of what Garcia’s opinion on why is racism wrong. The goal of this paper is to show Garcia’s belief that racism cannot exist without racial intent is misguided.

What is interesting about the movie Crash is that most characters in the movies go through a distinct change in the level of racism that they display. They either go from a low level to a high level such as officer Tom Hanson or from a high level to a low level like our characters Jean and Anthony. There is one very evident event that happens to each character where the change occurs. Unfortunately for Jean and...
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