Topics: Race and Ethnicity, Racism, Black people Pages: 2 (610 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Drew Thornton

From the opening scene until the end of the movie the amount of racial notions that were made are mind blowing. The start of the movie a Mexican woman is rear ended by an Asian lady. Which they were both conversing with the officer remarks like “Mexicans can’t drive” and “Asians cant even see over the wheel” where made. The once that could be debated is the fact that the white woman got cold when she saw the two black guys. This could be debated because she did that as soon as she saw them but it turns out they are the ones who end up robbing their car. Her actions could be classified as racist or it could have been her wise thought but as a third the woman could have just been cold. This woman really showed which side she was on when inside her house a worker was hard at work fixing a lock and she is telling her husband how she wants it changed because she doesn’t want him and his “amigos” to rob the house. The part that many people may disagree with me on in the film is where the two African Americans get pulled over. The cop knew they weren’t doing illegal things BUT he had no right to make them get out the car without reasoning.

The most tolerant person in this film so far would be the Spanish worker. I say that because he heard the conversation going on between the two white house owners. This guy was doing nothing wrong and I’m sure he didn’t want to even be working there but he finished the job and made a huge statement by dropping the keys on the counter in from of the lady. The person who is not racially tolerant in the movie is the movie would be the wife to the black man who got pulled over. She tried to rebel against what the cops were telling her and her husband to do. Although she might have not been in the right mind set at the time she knew what she believed in. I do agree with her husband though which is to just listen to him because if not worse could have happened rather than his wife being taken advantage of. Another...
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