Crappy Planes and Trains Compare Contrast

Topics: Rail transport, Rail tracks, Carbon dioxide Pages: 4 (1688 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Today we live in a world where everything that we do on a daily bases has become so fast paced that most of the time, my head is constantly spinning while trying to keep up. Our country consumes everyday life in such a way that the greater population tends to forget how the efficiency of production and transfer of any goods or services were operated. With having a McDonald’s in almost every town, iPhones to connect our entire beings with the world, global technology that can never be trusted, motor vehicle transportation that contains more horsepower than most average Americans can handle, and microwaves for cooking TV dinners, and tiny robot mosquitos designed to take DNA samples for government purpose, it is hard to remember the appreciation and nostalgia the average citizen once had after seeing a train stop in town to unload the things that they needed. I often wonder how many people in our country miss the smell of homemade buttermilk biscuits baked in the oven in an old cast iron skillet that has been passed down through three blood generations, or children that play outside and hunt more than sitting on the couch with an Xbox controller in hand. Everything we see or touch, think or feel, need or want, for most people is right at their fingertips. It feels empowering to know that resources are available at the touch of a screen instead of being punched in by fingertips on an old cash register. In our growing society with higher demands of bigger, louder, and much faster we forget about the impact that is truly happening in the background of all the busy streets and airways. I remember a time when I was growing up that my friends and I couldn’t ride our bicycles to the local Burger Carte without having to ride to the opposite side of the small coal town to ride underneath the underpass to avoid the trains whistling by with their wheels screeching across the cold steel rails that travelled along the Kanawha river, countless times throughout the days of our...
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