Crane Design

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Crane design and testing
Asia pacific university college of technology & innovation

Asia pacific university college of technology & innovation




This assignment requires to design a crane which will keep the boom at an angle of 45o, hold up a mass of 10 kg being loaded on the boom, and also to find an appropriate counter weight which will keep the crane from tipping over but not exceed half of the load .we are allowed to use as many links in the design but it must have at least two links and the carne should not be more than the dimension 50x50x30(all in cm) and the most importantly the weight of crane must be 40g and below .balsa wood is the material that has been used for building this crane. For more understanding of the applied mechanic topic we were advised to complete the free body diagram, force analysis of the crane as well as centroid and some brief description and discussion to achieve the aim of the given project.

Problem definition5
Design development7
Design Development – Force Analysis9
Center of mass of the crane without the counter mass9
Center of mass of the crane with the counter mass10
Factor of safety:13
To find counter weight13
Bonding moment14


As we live our life in tall and huge skyscraper without showing any interest to know how they build and even asking our self how these heavy material have been lifted to 30 floors up, engineers are working hard on the same concept but the different is that they know answer of question and that is the reason they are working. the answer is simple of course crane is the machine that lift heavy material up and help human to build these skyscrapers . A crane is a type of machine, generally equipped with a hoist, wire ropes or chains, and sheaves, that can be used both to lift and lower materials and to move them , but crane is not new to this world actually The first construction cranes were invented by the Ancient Greeks and were powered by men or beasts of burden, such as donkeys. These cranes were used for the construction of tall buildings. Larger cranes were later developed, employing the use of human tread wheels, permitting the lifting of heavier weights. In the High Middle Ages, harbor cranes were introduced to load and unload ships and assist with their construction – some were built into stone towers for extra strength and stability. The earliest cranes were constructed from wood, but cast iron and steel took over with the coming of the Industrial Revolution. Having idea of building crane has been developed by human kind for centuries and even now it has not stopped but what are the knowledge and information that is necessary to do this? How can we make sure that crane overcome three major considerations in the design of cranes (lift the weight, not topple, and rupture)? Aim of this project is to design an wooden crane and to be able to lift up to 10kg to achiving this aim I am going to study on different model of cranes ,doing force analysis and Free body diagram (FBD)and also I am finding The centroid of the crane by presenting my idea and design of crane. What is FBD? A free body diagram (FBD), also called a force diagram is a pictorial representation often used to analyse the forces acting on a body of interest. A free body diagram shows all forces of all types acting on this body. Drawing such a diagram can aid in solving for the unknown forces or the equations of motion of the body. Creating a free body diagram can make it easier to understand the forces, and torques or moments, in relation to one another and suggest the proper concepts to apply in order to find the solution to a problem.and finnaly at the end there would be attached of all photo...
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