Cramming Essay

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  • Published : March 4, 2013
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The cessation of the semester is coming and time to study for finals is rapidly approaching. It is time to gather all of the knowledge I have gained throughout the semester and put it all to use for those final exams that I as a student most times dread. The question is did I absorb what I learned or am I going to stay up all night, drinking coffee, trying to cram for those final exams? Cramming is the act of studying towards those last moments that approach before an exam or quiz. However, as students, it is important to realize that we need to get in the habit of studying over a period of time for material that will be tested on rather than attempting to study at the last minute. Cramming is not beneficial for students. Cramming is an erroneous idea, continuous studying is a better way to prepare and there are plenty of advantageous tips for studying properly in order to receive an admirable grade. First and most importantly, cramming is an erroneous idea because it can be inefficient, very stressful and show professors that we, the students, don’t value learning. Cramming is inefficient because it only helps store information for quick retrieval as this information is stored in short term memory. This may be helpful in a memorization test, however, in the long run it won’t be beneficial if one has to learn a formula and apply it to different circumstances. For example, in math when you learn a formula from preschool you will be using that formula all the way to university graduate school (Mathematics). Most people may not realize it but once they learn the math formulas, they will be using them in everyday situations, such as buying lunch or adding money. Therefore, it is important to retain learned material so that it may be applied for future use. Some individuals are under the influence that they may know the information and never forget it because they rehearsed it over and over again but the truth is the information will slowly exit our brains as time passes and eventually it will completely diminish (World Wide Learn Website). If students can set aside time to study regularly and continuously, then they will build a connection with the information which then brings about learning that is then reinforced by repetition. A Harvard Medical School study revealed that all night study sessions may have a negative effect on grades which can be due to the inability of retaining the proper amount of information that they try to retain during the night. Studying while being tired is faulty so this can result in students resorting to stimulants, like coffee, which can harm the body and create an addiction. This means that cramming is a bad idea and students should study more so they don’t waste money on retaking the course. College is too expensive to be doing this. Cramming is very stressful because students tend to leave everything as last minute responsibilities. When you procrastinate and leave something for the last minute, you realize that you don’t have spare time for anything. Overloading one-self with information and trying to reach the deadline is nerve wrecking. I learned through experience that cramming for exams is not a fun experience. Staying up all night, drinking coffee, reading chapters is not fun. It feels like time is going by very slow, my sleep is being deprived and I become less able to focus and interpret the information. Once the exam starts I sometimes feel too tired and find it hard to remember the information I crammed from the night before. Cramming also shows that you don’t value the class. You’re showing that you’re doing enough just to pass the class and hard work means nothing to you. The student would rather go out to have fun instead of studying or paying attention for the class. Continuous studying is the best option when preparing for a test. According to the Student Support Services of Montevallo University it showed that long-term memory and recall are greatly improved...
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