Craig and Tulving

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tulvingCraig and Tulving 2011

The experiment was based on the original Craig and Tulving in 1975. This experiment investigated how deep and shallow processing affects memory recall. In the recreation of the experiment our aim was to investigate structural, phonic and semantic meaning. To do this we needed a camera to film the experiment, around 20 year 8 students and a classroom. In this investigation our independent variable was how 11-13 students would memorize different objects in different ways. Our hypothesis was that we think by looking at pictures students would memorize and study things better than just by looking at the word itself. To carry out the experiment we showed the students 21 pictures and then asked simple question about the picture e.g. does the word represented by the picture rhyme with sock or how many windows could you see in the picture. Then we gave the students all the pictures we showed them and asked them to circle the ones they remember. This type of investigation was laboratory as it was carried out in a classroom. There was no real participant design as all the students were from the same year, all the students were used in the same experimental conditions. There were no order effects or counterbalancing as all the students did the same experiment including same tests and answers. Our situational variable was the time of the day. It was the end of the day so the student might have been tired, the results could be different if the experiment was carried out in the morning. There were also participant variables; some students seemed to get distracted more easily than others and based on the results there were students who might not have the same learning skills as others. We tried to keep the experiment as natural as possible in order to get reliable results. We tried to do that by hiding the camera because the students might feel slightly pressured if they see a camera is filming them. The might also lose their concentration due...
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