Craft Marine Corp

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Situation Analysis:
Brayden Frank was assigned as vice-president of marketing for Craft Marine Corporation in 2001 and was getting ready for a meeting with the president of the company and his executive committee regarding his 2002 advertising plan. •Due to the previous year with the terrorist attacks on September 11th, he is concerned with the economy and how it will affect sales in 2002. •The Craft Marine Corporation however, happens to be one of the first companies to produce fiberglass pleasure boats – with a line of 21 different model boats. •It is noted in the text that sales has increased 15% in year 00’ and 01’ and top management would like to see that increase in year 2002. •By year end in 2001 Craft Marine Corporation would post sales of $120.5 million. •Craft Marine Corp depends heavily on the US economy. 95% of sales come from domestic sales and the remaining 5% comes from sales in Canada. The boating industry has a direct correlation with general economic conditions. •Three fourths of retail boats are purchased within the months of March thru August with April, May and June being the primary purchase months. Alternatives:

If I were Brayden Frank I would make it known that advertising in this industry is a must. Craft Marine Corporation was noted as the most unrecognized brand in the boating industry where sales are the highest (Florida and California). •He needs to boost the promotion in vertical boating magazines by .39 percent to compete with the two largest retail competitors to gain more market share. It is noted that last year’s sales ended at 25.6 billion dollars. •The article mentions that “People buy boats to escape stress and get away from on-land cares” which in turn from a marketing perspective is – people read magazines. With technology today they are doing their own research and typically purchasing within the first two retail shops they visit. At these locations many of these vertical boating magazines are...
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