Cps Process

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  • Published : March 18, 2013
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CPS process
We used the CPS alongside the entrepreneurial development process to aide in the development of our product, and produce an innovative business idea. CPS let us break down and restructure our ideas to gain a new insight into its nature. Creativity is key for an innovative business idea, allowing for a truly entrepreneurial product. As a group we decided to use the six steps of the CPS process to develop our business plan; objective finding, fact finding, problem finding, idea finding, solution finding and acceptance finding. These processes allow us to generate ideas, and develop solutions. From this, re-definition can be developed, allowing for the group to generate solutions for the problems. The group used these solutions to evaluate the best solution and implement it, to make the business plan successful. For objective finding we used the objectives matrix to detail four clear objectives that we could evaluate and develop for our business plan. The objectives matrix allowed us to define and identify problems, which we could then find solutions for. After objective finding we used fact and problem finding to define and redefine problems. By using the SWOT analysis it allowed for us to identify our various strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, to identify potential objectives. This problem identification allowed us to review our marketing position and strategy, and build objectives for the business to work on. After reviewing the SWOT analysis, as a group we developed problem statements which we could then develop in the fact finding stage. The SWOT and objective finding allowed us to develop business objectives that are used in our business plan. For the fact finding, we used six honest serving men as it allowed us to ask questions, and develop solutions from the answers. This process allowed for problem redefinitions, which we could then use to develop and evaluate solutions for. We also used dimensional analysis, in which a checklist...
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