Cppd Assignment 1

Topics: Lifelong learning, Vocational education, Higher education Pages: 2 (457 words) Published: July 17, 2012
CPPD Assignment 1

Outcome 1 Understand the role of the teacher in the lifelong learning sector 1.1 Analyse and compare different teaching roles and contexts in the lifelong learning sector

When teaching within the lifelong learning sector you may be given the title/role of a tutor, a lecturer, a trainer, an assessor, a work-based learning or an apprentice supervisor, or even a learning manager. This is down to the many diverse ways in which adult education is delivered to potential learners, the 16 and upwards group of learners. Although there are different teaching roles the main in the adult learning sector, emphasis of ALL the roles, following my analyses, is they all share the common purpose of serving the needs of all their learners, the community and employers.

With over 400+ colleges of further education and many more private training establishments it is estimated that there are over 200’000 lectures working with the FE framework. These FE tutors/lectures deliver courses that included NVQ, A levels, Degrees (foundation) and access courses. References from : www.ed.ac.uk & www.tvwbl.net

Below is information taken from http://www.lluklegacy.org/cms/uploads/Lifelong-Learning-UK-Sector-Qualifications-Strategy.pdf I found the information here to be very informative and understandable as it fully details specific roles in the adult education sector.

• Community learning and development (CLD) - covering adult and community learning/community based adult learning; community development, community education, development education, youth work, family learning and work with parents.

• Further education (FE) - embracing FE colleges, specialist institutions, sixth form colleges in England

• Higher education (HE) - including universities and colleges of HE

• Work based learning (WBL) - both publicly-funded and private sector training organisations concerned with the delivery of applied (vocational) training, which is primarily work...
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