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Business Case

NEU Consulting Group

Prepared by:
Kuan-ling Chiu
Wenjie Xie
Executive Summary

This business case outlines how the CPOE Project will address current business concerns, the benefits of the project, and recommendations and justification of the project. The business case also discusses detailed project goals, performance measures, assumptions, and constraints.

1 Issue

Since the perception of patient safety has arisen, many medical organizations were striving to improve medication safety. Emory Healthcare, the largest and most comprehensive health care system in Georgia, was one of them who were seeking ways to prevent medication errors. In recent years, some highly influential studies revealed that medical errors occurred in inpatient and outpatient settings at alarmingly high rates. Researchers point out approximately 1.3 million injuries occurred annually to patients in U.S. hospitals, at a high percentage of which were at least partially due to errors in patient management.

In the Emory Healthcare, physicians place orders by writing them on an orders sheet attached to the patient chart or they would call a nurse and ask him/her to write the orders on the order sheet. Orders are paper-based or just by verbalization. Furthermore, medication orders ordered by radiology technicians or phlebotomists would be carried out by a unit clerk who is responsible for to fax or scan and then sent orders directly to the pharmacy.  Such paper-driven work is not efficient and prone to errors; without standardization, physicians carry no responsibility for orders, which is critical and directly points to medical errors.

It was calculated that 37% of the patient cases had medication treatment fault in the Emory Healthcare because of its paper-driven prescription process which is prone to error. Around 9% of injuries were partially due to inaccurate medical order input. Furthermore, 60% of the patients were not satisfied with their treatment.

2 Anticipated Outcomes

In order to prevent medical errors and improve order accuracy, the suggestion of implement CPOE (Computerized Provider Order Entry) has surfaced.  CPOE will establish order standard and let physicians write orders electronically and directly, thus prevent order inaccuracy. Furthermore, paper-driven work will be eliminated and replaced by electronic process. Computerized processing will improve efficiency of workflow, accuracy of input and reduce cost. Ultimately, all physician orders will be standardized, electronic and traceable. Thus, medical errors caused by human negligence will be reduced to minimum.

3 Recommendation

Various options and alternatives were analyzed to determine the best way to improve physician order processes and reduce the error and cost. The recommended CPOE project will methodically migrate the physician orders and the patient records of current mainframe system to the new computer-based platform in order to preserve data integrity. The new computer-based platform will improve the efficiency and accuracy of managing orders and records. The project will achieve its desired results:

• Physicians will directly enter orders electronically by standardized requirements. • The system will check the orders and alert the users with inappropriate entries. • Orders will be saved and can be accessed immediately. Orders and patient records are traceable and easy to obtain. • The system will provide users with alerts and guides of best practice, duplicate, drug interactions when assigning prescription or orders.

Business Case Analysis Team

The following individuals comprise the business case analysis team. They are responsible for the analysis and creation of the Emory Healthcare Project business case.

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