Cpc Written Statement

Topics: Pleading, Complaint, Allegation Pages: 3 (624 words) Published: May 19, 2013

A …..Plaintiff


B .…Defendant

Written Statement submitted on behalf of the Defendant under Order VIII Rule I C.P.C:- 1. Same those allegations which are specifically admitted herein, all the other allegations contained in the plaint are false and untenable. The plaintiff is put to strict proof of one and all of the allegations in the plaint.

2. The suit is a most vocations action and an abuse of process of Court. The plaintiff has invented a cause of action to file this suit.

3. It is true to say that the plaintiff is a tenant of the suit property under the defendant.

4. The allegation in para 5 of the plaint stating that the plaintiff is not issuing receipts for the rent paid by the plaintiff is false and not correct. The plaintiff and her husband never demanded any enhanced rent of Rs. /- in the month of (MONTH & DATE) or in any other date.

5. The allegations para 6 of the plaint are all false and unsustainable. No rent was tendered on DD/MM/YR and DD/MM/YR on as alleged. The plaintiff is put to strict proof of the same. The defendant has issued receipts to the plaintiff for the rent whenever he has paid. The defendant has rightly refused the rent sent through money order which is not a valid tender. Further allegation of complaint to police or seeking the help of police to get possession of the suit property is not admitted. It is false to state that the (STATION NAME) Police personal are threatening the plaintiff to vacate.

6. The allegations in para 7 of the plaint...
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