Cpa Profession in Germany

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Certified Public Accountant profession in Germany – Wirtschaftsprüfer

CPA is the american title for the profession as an auditor. In Germany it’s called Wirtschaftsprüfer and is one of the most coveted professions but has also the hardest state examinations.

How to become a CPA in Germany?

Becoming a CPA is a long way in Germany. The candidate needs to meet several requirements to get admission to the state exam, even personal ones.

• First of all the person needs a completed university education As an exception this can be replaced if the person: - has worked for at least ten years as an assistant of an auditor or identical department OR - has worked for at least five years as an accountant officer or tax accountant

• After the university education the candidate must have worked for at least three years in one of the auditing departments to gain enough experience

Personal requirements:
• to cover a pecuniary damage liability insurance
• well-ordered pecuniary circumstances
• has the right to hold a public office
• compliant attitude
• health aptitude

The Examination:

The professional association of the German professional providing auditing services conducts the examination consistent all over Germany. The content is divided into four main sectors. The first one is auditing, which includes also due diligence and the special law for the profession as a CPA. The second subject is business economics and political economy. The third part is about business law and the last subject has the topic fiscal law. All of these four sectors are written exams and each has to be passed. After passing all of them the candidate is qualified for the oral examination. The whole examination can be repeated after failing twice.

Only tax accountants are able so contract this procedure by offsetting their occupation for the fourth...
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