Cox and Kings

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  • Published : January 20, 2013
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|Student Details | |Family Name: KHARTABIL | |Given Name: SHANE | |Student Number: C3026276 |

|Course Details | |Course Name: International Marketing | |Course Code: GSBS6041 | |Lecturer's Name: Dr. Siva Muthaly |

|Assignment Details | |Task Name : MALAYSIA ASEAN’S CULTURAL GOLDMINE | |Task No: 1 | |Due Date: 16 MARCH 2004 | |Date Submitted: 16 MARCH 2004 |

|PLEASE NOTE | |All assignments are the responsibility of the student. | |Ensure you keep a copy of your assignment before submitting. |

|DECLARATION: | |I have read and understand the University of Newcastle’s Policy for the Prevention and Detection of Plagiarism Main Policy | |Document, which is located at: | | | | | |I declare that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, this assignment is my own work, all sources have been properly | |acknowledged, and the assignment contains no plagiarism. This assignment or any part thereof has not previously been submitted for | |assessment at this or any other University. | | | |By attaching this cover sheet I am affirming the above declaration. | Malaysia: ASEAN’s Cultural Gold Mine

Conducting business across international borders requires the international marketing firm to appreciate and understand that their overseas trading partners and consumers may have different attitudes, beliefs, perceptions, values and language. All of these factors are elements of culture.

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