Cowels Mountain

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Outside Activities “Cowles Mountain”

I chose to climb Cowles Mountain in San Diego during the Spring break. I've tried to climb this mountain a year prior to this year unsuccessfully. The person leading the hike was hiking at her pace, and as a novice I could not keep up, quitting nearly three quarters to the top. I was extremely frustrated and disappointed with myself that I quit; especially knowing that she kept the pace fast to make it difficult. I hiked Superstition twice, before hiking Cowles Mountain. I enjoyed the outdoor terrain while increasing my endurance and burning calories. I felt prepared to challenge myself hiking Cowles Mountain "which has an elevation of one thousand five hundred and ninety two feet at its highest point ". We arrived at the mountain around nine thirty AM. The weather was still fresh, making the first half hour of the hike pleasant. As the temperature rises so does the difficulty. Certain parts of the mountain have steep inclines challenging your calves and glutes. I squeezed my glutes approaching steeper inclines of the mountain, to get a more intense workout. Hiking will help me achieve me fitness goals by engaging in moderate but strenuous exercise. I worked up a sweat and increased my heart rate while hiking. I estimated that I burned one thousand calories based on time and reference cited below

Michelle Ceriani (2) PED115 Lifetime Fitness
Tracee M. Byrd
Outside Activities “Cowles Mountain”

Reference: › … › Burning Calories › Calories Burned on average, a 200-lb. Person will burn 540 calories in one hour of hiking; a 150-lb. Person will 405 calories in the same time, says HealthStatus. Incline.
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