Cow Girl Essay

Topics: Product management, Cheese, Management Pages: 2 (750 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Cowgirl Creamery makes high-quality organic and artisanal cheeses. The company both makes its own and sells other imported and domestic cheeses. Cowgirl Creamery was established by Sue Conley and Peggy Smith, Peggy and Sue are devoted to promoting local farmers, artisan cheese-makers, and other local businesses. In the video we could see that the company had a lot of success in the past but at the present time the company has some problems. The company has concerns with sales, government regulations, company’s rapid growth and wages and benefits are being frozen. In the meantime cowgirl creamery needs another product strategy to make the situation better. Product quality can make a product better which can increase the price and could attract high-end customers to the company. Through better packaging, branding, and labeling the product value and quality will increase. Even though the quality of the product does not change, customers will definitely be attracted by the product faster than before with new packaging and labeling. Product packaging must be appealing in order to attract and hold the consumers’ eye and attention, and serve as an efficient and functional shipping container. Most physical products require packaging. This involves the design of a box or wrapper that contains the product. In addition to the function it performs (to hold and protect the product) it is also a powerful selling tool. For Example, Products can have multiple packages; the product may also have a case or larger container to ship multiple products within one box. Each of these packages, particularly those that the consumers see before their purchase, offers the opportunity to communicate information to consumers at a critical point in their decision making process. By labeling and branding, it will make cowgirl cheese a more famous brand throughout the region, or even in the whole state. With this technique when customers want to buy some wonderful cheese, the first brand comes...
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