CoverGirl Lipstick- A Flipstick

Topics: Cosmetics, Advertising, Woman Pages: 3 (1157 words) Published: February 28, 2013
To:Bill Pore
From:Tushar Verma
Date:February 15, 2013
Subject:Gender Analysis of “CoverGirl Lipstick” Ad
“CoverGirl Lipstick- A Flipstick”
Advertisements are messages that are intended to influence their audience. Their sole purpose is to raise awareness of the existence of their product in the people whom they target and to promote the benefits of buying or using it. In our society, many people are trying to transform themselves into someone they are pretending to be. This may be for many reasons, but the main reason is because of influence from the media or different kinds of advertisements. This is especially the case for most of the women. There is a phrase “Beauty is as beauty does”.  This is a phrase that most women across the globe seek to fulfil everyday of their lives. They exercise, put on their jewellery, pick out their outfit for the day and, most importantly, apply their makeup. Putting on makeup does not mean that a woman wants to give up her natural appearance and change into a different person. It means that makeup should be able to enhance their natural beauty at an affordable price. Covergirl has been proving this to its customers. This the main reason of choosing this ad. Target Audience

The ad I chose is of CoverGirl which is one of the most successful cosmetic companies in the world. As most CoverGirl advertisements, this ad is also for the female audiences. The ad to me seems to target young and middle age woman of any race or some men who think that they can make their women look like the model as in the ad.  CoverGirl attracts women by convincing them that the use of makeup product will increase the qualities in their personality and resemble that the celebrity possesses like simply by using Covergirl's lipstick or any other product. The advertisers determine exactly who they want their target audience to be and establish intelligent ways for their product to be the preferred one. Cover Girl is known for their...
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