Covered Bridge and Retention Pond

Topics: Covered bridge, Brick, Sense Pages: 2 (720 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Descriptive Narrative
My Trip to the Retention Pond
I went on a trip to Aiken Technical College retention pond to for my English 032 essay. The goal of the trip was to gain information for my essay. I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to retain information for my essay. I had to write a descriptive narrative essay about my trip. The pond is located in the front entrance area of the school campus and I went with my fellow English classmates. The trip was engaging and appealed to my senses. I seen, heard, smelt, and touched things that you would not normally notice while on just a normal trip to the pond. I learned the true value of nature from this trip. As I made my way across the hot gravel parking lot towards the pond, I could hear the sound of cars, zooming down the long outstretched highway behind the pond. My fellow classmate’s voices filled the air like echoes in the mountains. I could also hear the splash of water as it crashed back into the deep gloomy water in the pond. When approaching the pond, I first noticed an eight-spout waterfall. It shot about eight feet into the air, and when the water reached its peak, it then reversed its path and rushed back down to the water. It splashed into the shape of an eight-pedaled flower onto the surface of the dark brown colored water. As I made my way around the asphalt pathway, I came to a tall, wooden-covered bridge that was about ten feet wide and twenty feet long. I then walked down and around the pathway that surrounded the pond and toward a red brick bridge. The bridge was located on the right hand side of the retention pond. When I finally came near the bridge, I passed by a very large prickly holly tree. It was covered in rough, green, sharply pointed leaves and tiny yellow –green colored berries. When I touched the berries, some would gush between my fingers and others were hard as rocks. As I ran my hand across the top of the rough brick wall of the bridge, I discovered black gooey mold...
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