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What is college for?
In the 21st century, many high school students don’t obtain higher education, because they question themselves on the benefits and time consuming of getting higher education. Important questions like: “Why should I go to college? Will be waste of my time and investment? Students are thinking in ways that discourage them from choosing to go to college leading them to ignore the importance of education. College allows students to explore different perspective such as to exploring academia, different career choices, experience, building skills, exploring different jobs, but most of all it is a self-exploration. For first year students, college is new for them and going through college they are exploring themselves. In “The Challenge of Liberty,” Ellen Condliffe Lagemann, reveals “The word vocation implies more than earning a living or having a career.” This simply means that a person knows what they believe, value, who they are, and most importantly where they stand in the world. The point Lagemann expose is that you identify yourself through college. In college students engage themselves to be prepared for their future goals and career and be ready to take real world challenges. Students are encouraged to gain experience and enhance skills on a daily basis in college, they apply those skills in their job and school project. In the article, Lagemann says the curriculum, “while Addams was a student, included Latin, Greek, German, geology, astronomy, botany, medieval history, civil government, music, and American literature”. Lagemann explained that when she was a student in college, she gained knowledge in different varieties of culture, tradition. College is where you meet different people from different culture, nationality, and different point of view. Socializing with them in their environment students learn about their culture, tradition and views. In the 21st century education is the key to successful and to get your bachelors, master...
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