Cover Letter for Fashion Brands

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  • Published : March 9, 2013
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25.02.2013, Glasgow, UK

To manager of H&M
As I noticed You are looking for young, fashionable and creative person to join your team . I am prepared to bring energy, hard work, ideas and fresh point of view to your team.  I am First year student of International Fashion Branding ( at Glasgow Caledonian Uni.) and lectures such as fashion marketing or fashion branding provided by high skilled fashion editors and buyers ( such as Cara Connell ) are giving me knowledge of fashion history, fashion technologies and are preparing me to work like this.  I am taking all opportunities that my Uni is giving me, this year I already took part of fashion show, helping with producing and styling aspects. I also was happy to help in Silverburn styling event. I was honored to take part of last year London fashion weekend – only as a spectator but still it was amazing to see all those shows especially enjoying Zoe Jordan’s one (as I love to call her line “Naïve Barbie is going to rock!”).  The fact that at at the moment I am PR for 212 ( the biggest venue in Glasgow) can only confirmed I have high communication skills and knowledge how to promote a brand. My not negotiable advantage is fact that I passed ECDL exam so my computer knowledge is high. I also think that my ability to do fashion Zeitgeist and mood board is something that I can use during my job at H&M ,my 4 years experience in customer service (including the biggest and the most busy venue in Europe TigerTiger) can prove that I have extraordinary communication with customers. . What are my plans for future? I would love to join Elle team as a stylist, become fashion shows producer or a buyer for one o the most famous department stores – Harrods. Work at H&M would not only give me a joy and opportunity to show passion that I have but would also help me with making my dreams come true.  

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