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Topics: Translation, Human rights, Law Pages: 2 (798 words) Published: December 11, 2012
My work experience and my studies have been key to my choice to study Law and my studies allowed me to explore different types of law which made me aware what an important contribution it makes to our society and our everyday life situations. I see Law as a career for myself in which I will have the opportunity to improve the lives of others and be able to assess the nature of human relationships. I was born in Azerbaijan and lived there till the age of 15. Even when I was a kid, I have witnessed countless cruelties on a more personal level, and together these experiences have served to strengthen my desire to have a career in law. The cruelties that I have witnessed were the evidence of corrupted country where the government would not take any step to stop it. Therefore, to me, law means hope and justice but it has to be used right to make it work properly and this can only be done by having a strong knowledge in law. Moving out of the country did not stop me being interested in my countries develop and also its political issues which cause a lot of problems in peoples’ lives these days. I read online news articles and national newspapers in order to be aware of the situations that happen throughout the country and the world. Seeing all those wrongs, such as the breaches of Human Rights in my country and also around the globe, has fuelled my intense desire to be a part of the solution and be the voice and hope for some people. My ability to speak Azerbaijani and Turkish fluently and also read and write it has a big impact on my career choice. I worked for Lei dat and baig solicitors as an admin assistant and a translator in both languages. I had the opportunity to shadow administrators, solicitors and office clerks, observing critical procedures at every level. Lei dat and baig solicitors are specialised in immigration law and they had so many cases which needed translation to get a better description of client’s situation. I was very happy to be part of this...
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