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By | September 2011
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February 24, 2011
Jane Loomis
Director, Human Resources
Smith, Jones & Brown, Inc.
346 Parkway Drive
Blue Smoke, ID 83300
Dear Ms. Loomis:

Whether your employees are novices or seasoned professionals at word processing, the new Word 2010 offers features to improve productivity, professionalism, and performance in your organization. A few of these new features include * Microsoft Office Backstage™ view that lets you access important document tools and information all in one place * The ability to customize the Ribbon

* New artistic effects
* A screenshot feature you can use right within Word
For more details on the features of Word 2010, refer to the enclosed fact sheet. LEARN-2-COMPUTE, INC., a training company in Idaho with a ten-year track record, offers one-day seminars in the new features of Word 2010. A series of these training seminars will be held in the conference room at the Blue Smoke Shilo Inn the week of November 10. Now is the time to start planning for your employees to attend. To alert your employees to the new features of Word 2010 and to this unique hands-on training, I am enclosing fifteen copies of a flier that you can distribute. I have also enclosed fifteen registration forms so you can pre-register anyone who is interested. Space is limited to fifteen people in each day-long seminar, so get your registrations in early! This cost is only $175 per participant. If I can provide you with more details or information, please call me at or LEARN-2-COMPUTE, INC. main office: 1-888-444-3467, ext. 4471. Sincerely,

Jo Bill
Director of Training

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