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|April 24, 2010 | |149 PANAMA STREET, SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94132 | | 408.964.8390 • DTORT@SFSU.EDU |

Cover Letter


Dear Open Eye Pictures,

My name is Daniel Tort, I am a third year cinema student at San Francisco State University expecting to graduate in the fall 2010 with my B.A. Degree in cinema. I am an aspiring cinematographer and active film maker in my production community. I am inquiring you in regards to your recent internship opportunity I read in a flyer posted on my campus. I was eager to contact you right away as I am an avid fan of your production company. I have had the privilege and opportunity of seeing your feature documentary Under Your Skin this past year and was immensely and emotionally captivated by the film’s artistic and emotional approach in the documentary form. As I understand your production company specializes in the documentary modes. This is something that is very exciting to me, because the independent documentary realm is definitely the approach I would consider taking on in regards to a future career as a cinematographer in the independent film making market.

During the past three years I have gained multiple experiences in the pre-production, production and post production aspects of film making. Both through school and outside of school. My most recent accomplishment has been the incredible journey and undertaking on being part of a student short documentary film for the Campus Movie Festival (the worlds largest student film festival). A film about dreams, triumph, setbacks and ultimate friendship, “Floating Above Us” was certainly a milestone for myself, as a young film maker to partake in...
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