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  • Published : April 29, 2013
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Dear Sir/Madam,

 I am very interested in this vacancy in your revered organization as advertised online. I am confident my educational background in marketing, internship and project experiences touching almost all aspects of marketing and ability to produce high quality results would provide much value to your Marketing & Sales Intelligence Team.

Understanding the importance of academic education, I am currently pursuing an MBA in Marketing and Supply Chain Management through a premier MBA institute in Delhi which is getting over in May 2013. During this professional degree course I have undergone training for various aspects of marketing in detail and through discussions, case studies, presentations, business simulations, live projects, internships I mastered these concepts. Last summer, I interned at Educomp Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (Largest Education Company in India). My project entailed feasibility of a revenue generating idea for one of their services in which they teach students of tier 2 and tier 3 cities through V-SAT technology. I conducted a market research, analyzed data and presented the feasibility of the idea to the management. I also presented the idea of subliminal advertising to big advertising brands (B2B). During my internship I experienced telesales (B2C) in which I was able to convert 4 leads from their dead data generating revenue of around 3.5L.

I also did a live project with a new advertising magazine launched in a small town called Greater Noida.  I was responsible for space selling for advertisements in the magazine (Hard Selling). Even though the magazine was new and just a concept at that time but with great hard work and hard selling I was able to sell space worth Rs.25000 for the first issue. I was a part of the design team of that magazine and devised the distribution strategy also. I also prepared a business model for setting up a hostel in GNoida after conducting disguised Market Research. During another internship at...
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