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Tuesday, December 6, 2012
TO: Adam Nunez and other English 101 instructors
FROM: Jadee Lewis
SUBJECT: English 101-080 Final Portfolio
I am writing in order to give an overview of what I am able to take away from English 101. The things I have learned in finding and evaluation information as well as composing documents and presentation of documents. Finding Information:

Finding information is often the most difficult part to creating a piece. Finding information may be frustrating but is always a crucial part of writing. Without the information you will come off as uneducated and not knowledgeable to the subject at hand, whether the information lies within you and self-exploration or in a text book that you must flip through. In English 101 you must learn both skills. I looked to self-reflection in sequence one. “What was I going to do without him,” I asked myself at one point in the memoir and I looked to textual information as I wrote the review. “Seventy four out of every one hundred students that had attended or are currently attended said they were dissatisfied with the university,” Each time the exploration and finding of information gave me the edge I needed to complete the task. As I further my education and join the workforce I will take the information seeking skill with me and use it in executing tasks daily such as diagnosing a patient. Evaluation Information:

Once you have done your self-reflection the next step is evaluating the information. You must evaluate each piece one by one and decipher what is relevant and what is not. I don’t want to bore my reader with information that is irrelevant and is a dead end. In the MWA1 Memoir I had to leave out small details that were insignificant and bland. I didn’t want to lose the focus of my reader and I didn’t want to bore them either. No one cares that I ate cereal the day of the accident, but in its place inserting something more relevant and appealing such as “It was a normal morning or so it...
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