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The portfolio displays what the aims and topics of the academic writing class I attend this semester concentrate on. It included four kinds of paragraph: paraphrasing, comparison & contrast, cause & effect and argument. After this semester, I have learned to write four kinds of paragraph. In paraphrasing, I learned how to rewrite sentences in my own word; this will help me develop my ideas easily in later essays. In comparison and contrast, I learned two methods of organization: block and point-by-point organization. These structures help me have a paragraph written in the way effectively emphasizing the two subjects. In cause and effect, I learned how to write a paragraph which help readers easily determine the causes and effects of one problem. In argument paragraph, I learned to write in a persuasive way to convince the readers to support my ideas. At the beginning of the class, my weakness related to how to convey meaning accurately and how to develop an article logically was all exposed to the sunlight. After the lessons, I didn’t start my writing until the outline was well-developed with the thesis clearly stated and with the evidences adequately collected. Although my outline seems good, the first version remains far beyond my expectation and satisfaction. The biggest problem I met was how to determine an effective organizational pattern for my paragraph. Readers would note that there is a huge difference between version one and version two as various beneficial structures I have been learning at class facilitate a relatively easy approach to well organizing the paragraph. While writing version three in two kinds of paragraph, my major job was focused on polishing the sentences as well as simplifying the paragraph in order to make it tempting and smoothing. Given the three revised versions of my writing, this section fully demonstrates my growth in English writing. In addition, thanks to peer correction, the feedback or criticism...
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