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This form is to be completed by students submitting an essay or assignment for a Faculty of Commerce subject.

Deliberate plagiarism may lead to failure in the subject. Plagiarism is cheating by using the written ideas or submitted work of someone else. The University of Wollongong has a strong policy against plagiarism. The Faculty of Commerce has introduced an e-learning module, which aims to orientate you with the knowledge and resources to avoid problems related to plagiarism, develop your capacity to integrate evidence into your arguments, and reference correctly. The online module is openly available for use by students at any stage in their degree. You are strongly encouraged to use the module to help in assessing the academic integrity of your written work. The module can be accessed via Please note: Students must retain a copy of any work submitted.

Subject Code Submission Type
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Subject Name Essay Seminar/Tutorial paper Assignment

Assignment Title Student Name Contact Number or Email Tutorial Group or Class Day and Time

Student Number

Tutor’s Name Due Date
DECLARATION I certify that this is entirely my own work, except where I have given fully-documented references to the work of others, and that the material contained in this essay has not previously been submitted for assessment in any formal course of study. I understand the definition and consequences of plagiarism. Signature

Date Submitted



------------------------- -------------------------------- -------------------------------- -------------------------- ---------------------Assignment Receipt To be filled in by student Subject Student Name Date Submitted Signature of Tutor Assignment Title Student Number


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